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    AE CS6 crashes after I import an AVI rendered with Keyshot 4


      Hello Guys,



      I'm new to AECS6 and wanted to embed a video into a video. I rendered an AVI(MPEG4) in Keyshot 4 that is only 6 seconds long.



      When I import (or drag and drop) that file into AE it freezes and then crashes. I am not sure what's going on. I tried importing other AVIs, and they seem to be working just fine!..



      Then i tried importing the FLV of the same AVI video I rendered with keyshot, it says my file is damaged or corrupted. but i can playback the FLV file no problem.



      I am on windows 7 64bit right now, 8GB of ram, Intel i7 at 3.4GHz, NVDIA GeForace GT 640.. that's all i know =(



      thank you very much!