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    Sharing a project with multiple RH7 users

      We have a project that "we" shared by remoting into a server that had one image of RH 5.

      We've got multiple RH7 licenses (multiple installs on separate machines). We cannot get into the same project. In fact, I cannot even open a project and import that one.

      It was decided NOT to purchase the RH Sever with RH 7 because VSS would do the versioning for us.

      We haven't set up VSS yet, so we aren't creating individual images of the project files (which is how it worked in RH 5, with inline versioning). I'm surprised that we cannot individually open a project (even without others using it), nor can I even IMPORT the files from that project to a new project. What am I missing?

      The error is "Open project was cancelled or the application was unable to load dabase for ....<fully qualified path to a .cpd file>

      I've read numerous KB articles and have deleted, renamed, compressed the .cpd file to no avail. I've tried opening the .hhp file (which recreates a .cpd file).

      Nonetheless, how are multiple users supposedto share in editing project files. If each of us must have separate images of the same topics...how do I "replicate" this in the testing phase (we're in the process of setting up a shared/versioning system, but don't have it yet. The only way we can get to the common project is to remote in to the hard drive and work from the local install of RH7.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi annonnyma and welcome to our community

          We have never been able to have multiple users simultaneously accessing the same project by simply placing it on a server. The way it works with a source control system is by having it stored centrally on the server. Then the source control system handles checking in and checking out by maintaining a "Working folder" on your LOCAL hard drive. The end result is that each help author actually has a full copy of the help system source files on the server. As they work on different bits, they are actually working locally off their C drive. At no point do you ever directly access and edit the files on the server. The source control system handles copying them back and forth.

          RoboHelp Server should not be needed for source control if you are using VSS.

          So copy the project locally, then possibly rebuild the .CPD and you should be good to go.

          Cheers... Rick