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    Trouble with responses downloaded as PDF


      I created a form and posted it on my site.  Someone completed the form and "submitted" the form.  The response showed up in the "Response" section for that form.  So far, so good.  In the "View Responses" tab, I selected the response and then from the "File" menu, I selected "Download Selected Response as PDF Form."  Before today, I would open the downloaded response PDF form and each field in that form had a specific field name.  The field names were always the same.  For example, the Name field would be named "Name1," the Address field would be "Address1," etc.  No matter how many people completed the online form, when I downloaded the response as a PDF form, the Name field was always named "Name1" and the Address field was always named "Address.1"  I was then able to populate another form (I'll call that Form 2) by naming fields "Name1" and "Address1" and then placing thos empty fields where I wanted them on Form 2.  After I opened the downloaded response PDF with Acrobat Pro, I would then go to "Tools," then "Pages" and select "Insert from File."  I would insert Form 2 into the downloaded response PDF.  The data entered by the person who completed the online form (i.e., data enter in the "Name1" and "Address1" fields) would then appear on Form 2 where I had put the empty fields with the same field names (actually, Form 2 is many pages long and the "Name1" and "Address1" fields appear in many different places on Form 2; this process makes completing those pages much easier).  Today, the downloaded response PDF has no field names.  When I open it in Acrobat Pro and select "Edit" in the "Forms" menu, it says there are no form fields at all.  When I insert "Form 2" into it, no data is transferred.  The specific name of my online form is "ASAS - Landlord, NEW Client, Intake Form, 5 Properties."  It worked a few days ago, but not today.  I have not changed the online form in any way.  Has something changed in the way the file is prepared when using the "Download Selected Response as PDF Form" function?  Any other ideas?  This is a dealbreaker for me.  Without this function, I will need an alternate solution.  If necessary, I can prepare a screen capture of the foregoing process or can "screen share" to demonstrate.