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    a question regarding Doc.SaveAs and "hidden" shares in adobe reader XI

    EdwardWD Level 1

      I am trying to call the following javascript from within a button i have created in adobe Reader XI:

      var  mySaveAsReader = app.trustedFunction(function(oDoc,cPathFile){
      try {
      } catch (e) {





      If i call this with the following path: /Server/Docs/GO/00000/DOCS/00863582.pdf   it works
      If I call it with the following path: /Server/DFS-ROOT$/GO/00000/DOCS/00863582.pdf I get the following error: UnsupportedValueError: Value is unsupported ===> parameter cPath.


      If i map \\Server\DFS-ROOT$ to a drive letter (lets say Z:\), my call to the oDoc.saveAs, does not fail. is there some security setting I have to set in Reader to allow that path to work? or is it an "unsafe" path