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    AE CS6 MTS files lag


      I'm a newbie so go easy on me,


      My friend is letting my borrow her Canon Camcorder Vixia HFS 10, it's pretty sweet.  I have some recordings at around 30 seconds to a minute per video clip.  Everything is fine before 30 seconds, but whenever I go past that 30s mark, I get some horrible lag, and I thought it was just AE but I think it stresses my whole system and I don't know why.  I've been around google and seen topics of the format being supported or unsupported and I honestly get confused since I'm still figuring this out.



      I'm on an Alienware laptop m17x.  My specs are:


      • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M
      • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
      • Memory: 8 GB RAM
      • Windows 64 bit



      I've recently upadted my graphics card drivers.


      There are converters online but there's always just rendering it out in AE as a png sequence, but from a 300mb .mts file goes up 10,000 png images totalling up to 4gb for a 30 second 1080p clip. Plus I have to wait about an hour until after it's done rendering, a step I don't feel is necessary. I figured it's important to ask now rather than later before I start a collection of mts files I need to edit.  What's causing these mts files to lag out after effects if I click around the timeline after 30 seconds?  What are some alternatives without having to wait an hour per re-render or converter to another format and wasting work hours on waiting?


      Any suggestions?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Everything is fine before 30 seconds, but whenever I go past that 30s mark, I get some horrible lag, and I thought it was just AE but I think it stresses my whole system and I don't know why


          Um, not sure what you mean by the term, "horrible lag".  Precisely what are you doing when this occurs?  What keys are you pressing?  Hint: don't use the space bar EVER.  AE doesn't play anything.  You need to read up on the previews part of AE help... and ignore their advice obout space bar previewing.


          You can use Adobe Media Encoder to create the files in the media container & codec you want for final delivery.  You can use it in a number of ways depending on your version of AE.


          Oh, and with only 8 gigs of memory, don't use multiprocessing.  It won't help you AT ALL.

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            KazerDragon Level 1

            Yeah I guess I'll keep spending more time with this since I'm still grasping the terminology.  No, I don't hit the space bar ever in AE, so noted on that...


            No, I mean if I'm clicking around the timeline, or even if I click the "RAM Preview" button towards the upper right, it's still the same situation.  I'm not even sure it's called "lag," it just takes a long time before AE realizes it's on a new frame, but everything behaves normally before 30 seconds.  I'll click a frame after 30s and it just takes it's time, sometimes I wonder if it'll crash but it never does, nor do I get an error message I could research into...


            I'm not sure about multiprocessing... I guess I'll look that up in a bit.


            Other video formats work normally in AE, MTS is a format I'm new to and slowly discovering I'm not liking it.  (Another issue is that I don't have audio with it but I'm more concerned with the files not working in AE)  I can play them just fine in a media player outside of AE.



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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              First, make sure that you've installed the recent updates:


              You should be running After Effects CS6 (11.0.2), not 11.0.0.

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                KazerDragon Level 1

                yeah ive recently updated it...



                I attempted to replicate the problem with more footage with varying video clip times, I notice hiccups happening at around 45 - 50 seconds into one of my clips but it's less stressful than my first clip.  I'm hoping it'll stay that way for awhile but I shouldn't expect things to be smooth sailing from here on out.


                Adobe Media Encoder is helpful but it also encounters the "lag" at around those same moments, it starts out at a 5 minute process and then gets to that point and starts stressing.  Then the process goes up to 15 minutes.



                honestly im hoping the problem doesn't come back up again but i dont really feel like digging around anymore, media encoder works fine even if it means i gotta wait a render time.