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    Removing watermark


      Hi everyone,

      I'm kinda new to photoshop, have CS5.

      I have a jpg with a watermark on it that I can't seem to get rid of. It's the sew-classic.com across the page in the image. I was hoping that it would come up as a separate layer in photoshop, so I could just delete it, but it's all on one. Any ideas on a simple way to get rid of it? If it comes to zooming in and going over it with the background colour it won't be worth the effort!


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          It's a wee bit tricky because they have stroked the text outline, but still doable.


          Open a Curves adjustment layer above the BG layer > click on the hand icon (top left of curves panel.  > click on the fattest part of the watermark text on the grey stripes you can find.  I make that the letter 'c' top right.


          This place a point on your curve for the luminence value of the letters.


          Now place points a wee bit above and below that point, and pehaps two more outside thos to lock the curve.


          Now adjust the first point up or down till the text blends into the grey stripes.


          You can do the same thing for the text in the central oval, but it is tricky.  I managed to get it almost completly clear.


          If you now place a copy merged layer at the top of the stack (Shift Ctrl Alt e)  you can fine tune with the clone tool or paint brush or Patch tool - whatever works best for you.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Looks like the Watermark is doing its job. If you want the image without the watermark ask the owner for a copy for your use without his watermark.

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              confused75 Level 1

              Hello! Thanks alot for taking the time to look at that for me. I'd never even heard of curves before and got a decent result from following your instructions I found the tricky bit was that the scanned page is old and blotchy, but the watermark is sharp, so matching it to one part of the background didn't blend it all over the screen, because of the colour variation. Nice one!

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                confused75 Level 1

                JJMack wrote:


                Looks like the Watermark is doing its job. If you want the image without the watermark ask the owner for a copy for your use without his watermark.

                Hee, hee, good one - you got me there! This is a (slightly) interesting case. The page is from an old book (1954), which is out of print, but possibly still copyrighted to the Singer sewing machine company. Someone has scanned it, watermarked it, then put it on their website as a locked pdf, that you can't print out. So if you want to print it, or view it without the watermark you have to buy a clean copy of it from them. Perhaps bothering to scan it makes them the owner in their eyes, but I think it's pretty shady to scan and sell someone else's book. If anyone makes money from it, it should be the  company who released the book. So, on principle, I decided to try to get rid of it. If it had been as simple as clicking 'remove watermark' in acrobat, I would have done it. But it's definitely not worth the effort of adjusting it page by page in photoshop! It was an interesting technical challenge, though, and I learned a fair bit.

                I'll reluctantly have to let the forces of capitalism have the victory on this one