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        wfmc staffer Level 2

        Well I'll be doubledy GD'd.


        I did not expect this.  I haven't said this in a while:  Good job Adobe Premiere Team.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hmm... some sizes (I do not have PPro CS6 installed... but I do have it sitting on a reserve spot of a storage drive)


          1.2Gig PProCS6 download file, which contains Premiere Pro and Encore and Media Encoder (content is another file)


          980Meg size of PProCS5 "as installed" folder with LOTS of DLL files (just for comparison)


          326Meg size of PPro604, and this is the ZIP, not the expanded files... so expand out to "about" double?


          That is replacing a LOT of DLL files!!!

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            mdsunc30 Level 1

            It’s about time Adobe!!!! This AVCHD bug messed up the workflows of so many people over the past year. I personally had to invest in a $700 6TB Thunderbolt drive because I had to switch from editing native AVCHD files in CS5 to converting them to ProRes for CS6 for every project. I was ready to switch back to FCP 7 because for me there were suddenly no legitimate advantages to using Premiere over FCP 7.

            Adobe, you cannot allow a bug like this to linger for over a year. It is not fair to your users.  I'm relieved that this bug is fixed but I was at the point where I was looking at other NLEs after having just switched from FCP when X came out.


            I also felt very frusrated that whenever I would call Adobe tech support this summer they could not tell me whether the bug was fixed in the new Premiere CC.  You need to communicate with your customers better.  Apple has been horrible about that in the past, but they actually have updated FCP X at least 8 or 9 times since it was released.  This is really only the third update to Premiere Pro for Mac users since 6.0.3 was for Windows only. 


            So please listen when hundreds of users report a bug and please do your best to fix it in a timely fashion.   If you do, we will stick with you and pay the $50 per month because we will trust you.  If you don't have our trust then you won't get our money, it's very simple.



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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              We just released the Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.5) update, which addresses an issue in the Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.4) update.


              Details here: