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    Applying Text Effects and Shatter effect on Text layer

    kangana parker Level 1

      Hi to all,


      I have stumbled upon a very strange issue. I have a created a Text Layer and applied the Animation Presets Text Layer. All is well.


      Then I precomposed this Layer and imported a Graphic Image  ( just any JPG ) File and applied the Shatter Effect and in the custom shape of the shatter I choose this precomposed layer.


      The end effect what I want is to have the 3D Text moving like the Animation preset text.


      The problem is that I do not see any thing. The composition goes blank.


      Please please correct me, Is this the right approach.


      I understand that AE 6 has 3D text but I am using AE 5.5...


      Many many thanks wizards for your help...Really owe everything to your feedback..