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    HTML tags in XML file?

    Handycam Level 1
      I've got an XML file populating a text field.

      The XML node is
      <image path="99928009_01.jpg" title="Wine Table, 17th century" audio="TIV165_01.mp3">
      <caption><![CDATA[This elegant <b>little</b> writing table embodies the simplicity.]]></caption>

      The Actionscript is:
      imageData.caption = imageNode.firstChild.firstChild;

      and then later, in a loop:
      _root.cpTray.cp.cptxt.html = true;
      _root.cpTray.cp.cptxt.htmlText = data

      But the field displays the text literally, including the <b> and </b>

      What am I missing here?