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    Down level poster image in separate HTML file

    CindyJones-Hulfachor Level 1

      I have my animate project added to a large html file. In Internet Explorer 8 the Poster.png does not appear (invisible) on the page but the text from the down level does. In addition the image is actually hidden at the top the HTML page at 0,0 and not at the location on the page where the Project div ID is located in coding. I am linking to "self" and Link URL is blank.

      So I believe my problems are:

      - It should be visible

      - Should be located at Edge ID within the HTML page


      Here is the coding block from the bottom of the edge animate preload file.


      dlContent={dom:[{id:'Poster',type:'image',tag:'img',rect:['0','0','960px','300px','auto',' auto'],fill:["rgba(0,0,0,0)",'images/Poster.png','0px','0px']},{id:'Text',type:'text',rect :['707px','19px','218px','65px','auto','auto'],text:"CONTENT BEST VIEWED WITH A MODERN BROWSER: Chrome 18+, Firefox 11, Safari 5., Internet Explorer: 9+<br><br>CINDY 4",font:['Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif',11,"rgba(204,0,0,1.00)","700","none",""]}]};



      Thank you,

      Cindy J-H