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    How to determine color book used in customer-supplied PS file?


      Using CS5. I am unable to open two files supplied by our client. These two files pre-date CS6, and were made by a branch of our client in Germany. We are in North America. There are many layers of bureaucracy between us and the actual creators in Germany, so communication is impossible.


      An attempt at opening the files results in the error, "Could not complete your request because the specified color book cannot be found".


      I am well aware of the workarounds suggested by Adobe for this problem. However, in this case it is NOT POSSIBLE to "work with the file creator", and it is NOT POSSIBLE to use a different version of PS with the correct books.


      I have Color Manager, and I have cluttered up my CS5 installation with every likely-looking color book from Manager in the hopes that one of them would be the right one, but to no avail.


      So. What do I do? Surely by now Adobe has created some sort of utilty that allows PS to simply tell you WHICH color book is missing so you will know which one to go and get? No?


      (Update: I think I may have put this question into the wrong forum, but if so I have no idea how to correct this.)