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    Delete or merge two IDs


      Greetings. I want to help because they create two ID and I are creating a conflict in the purchase of books. Is it possible to delete or merge my two ID to download books? 1. femoral@hotmail.com 2. yoandresmora@gmail.com


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          I don't think you can merge two ids.

          No need to delete one you don't want; just don't use it and it will become dormant.


          Make sure all your devices are registered to the one ID that you decide to keep.

          On devices using the other ID, you will need to unregister the other ID first. 

          • For a computer; ctrl-shift-D while running ADE (cmd-shift-D on a Mac).
          • For a dedicated eReader device; ctrl-shift-E while running ADE and with the device connected (cmd-shift-E on a Mac).
          • For an app on a tablet device; check the apps help.



          Once a device is registered to one ID you won't be able to read books associated with the other ID.

          I do not generally recommend DRM stripping, but this seems to be a case where its use is justified as the horrors of the Adobe DRM system effectively tricked you into your current situation.

          • Find the software epubee.
          • Install it on a PC which is registered with the ID you are going to allow to die.
          • Run epubee to strip the DRM from the books associated with that ID.
          • Now you can read those books on a device associated with the ID you want to keep (and also on non-DRM software such as Calibre).
            • Do  not abuse this by using the books outside the intent of their ts&cs ~ eg giving copies of the book to other people.
          • You can now unregister this ID on the computer and reregister with the ID you want to keep.
          • and if you like, uninstall epubee which you should no longer need.