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    Update Failed.  Unable to extract the downloaded files. (U44M11210)

    Bob Scarborough

      Creative Cloud poped up and said there where updates available.  I clicked through telling it to go ahead and update all the apps that needed it.


      For Bridge I got the error:



      There was a problem updating Bridge CC

      for more information see the specific error below


      Update Failed

      Unable to extract the downloaded files. Press Retry to download again.




      (Link): Contact customer support.




      I click the link and it just took me here:

      http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/topics/getting-started.html  ( general info page and no help whatsover_


      So I opened a chat support window and after waiting for 15 minutes the chat support guy told me that he couldn't help me and I'm going to have to phone during business hours.


      Creative Cloud costs $50 per month and Microsoft Office 365 costs $24 per month for their top plan which includes more product value than Creative Cloud (Office Premium Destop on 5 (not 2) machines, Office Web Apps on any machine, plus Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync and Skydrive Pro plus a Public Facing website with your own domain.)


      But in addition to more product for the money, Microsoft provides 24 hour phone support for Office 365.  All for $24/month.


      How can Adobe expect to ask for $50 per month and not give 24 hour support?