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    Quick Tag Editor not working on my Mac

    DavidInTexas Level 1

      I am on lesson 4 in "Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a book" and am at a point where I am instructed to insert an Image Placeholder. The instructions has me insert the cursor into text within <p> tags and press the left-arrow key. It states the cursor will then be placed outside the opening <p> tag, which does not work. Then with a key combination the QTE is supposed to open with cursor now inside new brackets. None of the above works. I am in split view. If I can provide anymore info or a screen grab let me know, but I can't even get the QTE to open when I place the cursor in the correct position...




      **NOTE**If I am inside the <p> tags the Cmd-T command to bring up QTE works. However, when the cursor is placed outside the <p> and inside the <aside> the Cmd-T QTE will not come up as instructed. Obviously I can enter the code in Code edit, but as instructions direct it does not work.

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi DavidInTexas,


          In the time that the other experts get back to you, check out this tutorial to see where you could possibly be going wrong.






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            DavidInTexas Level 1

            Preran, Thanks. It works now when I select the <p> selector as mentioned in the video. I assumed the <p> selector mentioned in step 1. below meant the CSS Selectors Window/pane. However when clicking the <p> selector below the split/design window it works. I included the instructions below which seem to be ambiguos at best. Maybe I have simply missed something that was mentioned before.


            Thanks again and we can consider this resolved, unless the book authors wants to make a change to the instructions which seems to be needed.



            David In Texas....



            1. Insert the cursor into the text directly below the vertical menu. Click the < p > tag selector. The placeholder image should not be inserted within the < p > element. If it were, it would inherit any margins, padding, and other formatting applied to the paragraph, which could cause it to disrupt the layout.


            Tip Use Split view whenever you’re unsure where the cursor is inserted.


            2. Press the Left Arrow key. As you have seen in earlier exercises, the cursor moves to the left of the opening < p > tag in the code but stays within the < aside > element. 3. Press Ctrl-T/ Cmd-T to open the Quick Tag Editor.



            Adobe Creative Team (2013-07-08). Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book (Kindle Locations 2609-2620). Pearson Education. Kindle Edition.

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              I just encountered the same problem and went through the same process. I highly recommend DavidinTexas' suggestion for an edit.