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    Moved InDesign from one computer to another and problems with that




      New to Adobe so please, if I'm posting in the wrong spot or the wrong way feel free to politely tell me where to go.


      Using Windows7/64Bit

      Adobe InDesign V8.0


      We recently purchased this product for one of our users. Worked and had no complaints.

      User's laptop exhibited signs of imminent departure soon after installation - replaced laptop with new unit and retained old laptop.

      User immediately complained that some features were 'greyed out'.

      Firstly drew my attention to the 'Paragrah Styles' in the toolbox or menu on the right hand side. User had created, what she refers to, as a shortcut menu on this panel on the right hand side.

      Found a thread indicating method for repairing damaged preferences.

      Backed up both the directories found under:

      C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 8.0\en_US

      C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 8.0\en_US


      Copied same folders and content from old laptop and you wouldn't believe it but it worked a treat.


      However, user had failed to point out that none of the other features were working also. Eg. Pages, Layers, Switches etc.


      It seems that the options appear on this panel on the right hand side but you cannot interact with them at all. Whilst a number of different pages appear in the Pages tab, none are selectable


      Any assistance would be gratefully received,

      With thanks, in advance,