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    Video in SWF not playing; using http linked video


      Ok so here's the issue.  I have an indesign document made.  I've made 2 different files to test why this issue is poping up, and cannot find a solution anywhere.


      I have 4 videos inserted into a multi-state object.  Each one is in it's own state, so you can switch between them.  When I have them hosted to local .flv or .mp4 files, the video works flawlessly as it references the reference folder on the disk after .swf export.


      However, what I want to do is have those videos link to the offsite server where they are already on the internet, either via youtube (pulling the acutal .flv file) or the .mp4 file host.


      Now comes my issue.  Once linked, everything set correctly (I think...) it works flawlessly in the SWF preview button in indesign. Videos play from web, etc etc.


      Once I export, the video files defualt to their slate and do not function as videos.



      My question is... Why does the SWF preview in indesign view these videos correctly from the web, but the flash export will not?


      How can I fix this?