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    RH Crashes when I open the Index Designer

      Dear RoboTeam,

      I have a large project that I have edited and republished many times. Lately, it has become cranky, and crashes frequently.

      The last error message involved a funky reference in the .css link. I fixed that w/notepad, and the crashes ended when I rebooted the computer.

      Now, when I click the Index tab, RH hangs and refuses to respond.

      I am using V. X5. with all the updates installed w/admin rights.


      Charles Arnold
      MetLife IDI
      Tampa, FL
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          I am having a similar issue. I am working with RoboHelp 7 and started using it yesterday on my work computer. It was working fine then. Now, today, it freezes up with no error messages with any request involving accessing my computer's file system: importing, opening a new project not listed, etc. No other software is having this issue.

          Does anyone know if this is known issue or bug?
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            charlesarnold Level 1
            It's now a week later, and RH still refuses to load the index designer. No suggestions as to the source of this issue. All I can think is that one of the files associated with the Idex is corrupted, and perhaps I should load them into Notepad and have a look.

            It seems like Juando cannot even access current projects or start new ones, which renders RH useless. I wonder, Juando, if your RH 7 was installed on your work computer with while you were logged in with admin rights? Our site support folks do the installations, and this is not their standard operating procedure.

            I do not have admin rights on my work computer. Thus, site support has to grant me these rights, log in with my ID and password, and then install RH, as well as any service release. If you don't, RH behaves very badly, and at the most inconvenient times.

            Still looking for an answer.

            Charles Arnold
            MetLife IDI
            Tampa, FL
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              charlesarnold Level 1
              Latest Developments

              1. When I load the index without opening a topic, the Index Designer functions normally.

              2. When I open a topic without accessing the Index Designer, the topics display correctly in the WYSIWYG window with no problems.

              If I try to edit a topic or access the Index Designer after completing another task, RH crashes.

              Mysterious and annoying.

              Charles Arnold
              MetLife IDI
              Tampa, Florida