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    Can I create a custom location for Premiere and AME presets?


      Our institution has volatile user accounts meaning that all user specific preferences, presets and files are deleted on log off.


      However I would like to make some custom Premiere sequence presets and AME export presets available to all users by default.


      Can anyone suggest a way to store these presets in a non-user specific location and still have Premiere and AME locate them?


      Alternatively if anyone can suggest a way of packaging up these presets and copying them into the appropriate user locations on logon that would also be of interest!?


      Any suggestions appreciated (some further details and system spec below)...







      Typical location of presets as far as Im aware:


      Users/[USER]/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro/6.0/Settings/Custom/



      Premiere Pro CS6

      AME CS6

      iMacs with 10.8.4 (2.7 Core i5 8GB)


      (Also looking for Windows 7 solution for same issue)