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    Flash Player disappeared and refuses to re-download




      I've had my computer for a good while. It is a Qosmio X775 Toshiba laptop, running Windows 7.


      I have been able to watch videos forever-- YouTube, Hulu, etc etc etc.


      Upon restarting my computer recently I was asked to update flashplayer, which I naturally already had, so I lazily clicked the button and it said it updated and everything was fine. I then went to Hulu.com which said that I HAD NO VERSION OF FLASH WHATSOEVER.


      I looked and could not find it anywhere on my laptop at all. So I downloaded it. IT SAID IT DOWNLOADED. But Hulu begged to differ, and I couldn't find it anywhere.


      I tried again and again. I restarted my laptop. I disabled my virus software. I made sure javascript was enabled through internet explorer. Every time I download the f-cking thing it says it has worked, but Hulu and YouTube say it isn't on here. I looked up tests which all said that I had no version of it anywhere. I want f-cking flashplayer back! I don't need to be dealing with this sh-t right now. Why won't it download?!


      Is there a number to call? Will anyone please help me?!?!