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    Kuler in illustrator cs6


      How can l bring a kuler color code in my illustrator cs 6? Please help me!

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          Dave E Employee Moderator

          There is a forum post on this topic: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5365172#5365172


          For users working on older versions of Adobe software (CS4, & CS5), Kuler themes can also be downloaded for use in Adobe software using the Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) format. To download a theme from Kuler , first make sure you’re signed in. Click on the theme you’d like and click Download. This downloads the theme as an .ase file to the location of your choice.




          (1) Download your ASE file and save it in a location where you can find it later.

          (2) Open your swatches palette.

          (3) Click the flyout menu and choose "Open Swatch Library" then "Other Library."

          (4) Navigate to the ASE file you downloaded.

          (5) Your swatches will open up in a new swatch palette. When you use a swatch from this new palette it will automatically be added to the document swatches.