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    incompatibility with nvidia


      Hi, Yesterday , the program worked good , but today after the software update by Windows update : Adobe says that my graphic card is not compatible and need an update .But the card is update .Elements doesnt show the movies when it works but only the sound .

      I have all deleted and reinstalled  but nothing changes , my adobe says that the card is not compatible .Can u help me please .


      Computer : Windows vista 32 bits

      Graphic Card : Nvidia 8800 gts


      sry bad english , im french .

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Download the latest driver from the nVidia web site:



          Then delete the BadDriver.txt file, per this FAQ:


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            Zerowalter952 Level 1

            Thank u very much , it's good now ^^.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Great news, Zero! A bientot!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Great news!


                To give you, and anyone, who comes to this thread, a bit of background.


                There are many things that can cause a video driver to become obsolete, and MS Windows Updates are one of those. This is one reason why nVidia and AMD/ATI release new video drivers, about once per month. For most computer operations, there is not much interface between the programs, and the video driver. However, that does not apply to programs, like Premiere Elements, extreme gaming, intensive 3D, or CAD *. Internet browsers, e-mail clients, wordprocessors and spreadsheet programs will continue to run smoothly, with no noticeable issues.


                Premiere Elements DOES interface very closely with the video driver, and is smart enough to know that something is wrong. Note: Photoshop (Photoshop Elements' "big-brother"), Premiere Pro, After Effects, and a few other Adobe programs, rely very, very heavily on the video driver to run effectively. PrE will throw the error message that you received, in most cases, or perhaps just cease to launch. It also creates the BadDrivers.TXT file, that needs to also be removed.


                Whenever PrE fails to launch, throws that error message, or begins to have issues with either the GUI, or playback display, it is a common suggestion that one go to the video card's mfgr's. Web site, where the user will plug in their card's model, and their OS version, to check that they have the latest video driver. Normally, nVidia, and AMD/ATI will have gotten the MS Update a bit ahead of the general public, and will usually have a new driver ready - in a very few instances, they have lagged slightly behind, but not normally. Also, if one uses Windows Device Manager to tell if the latest video driver is installed, they will often get an incorrect report that the latest driver IS installed. That report will usually be at least 6 mos. out of date, and that is often 6 - 8 driver versions behind.


                Because of that close interfacing with the video driver, one will see questions about the video card and driver version, regarding so many, seemingly different problems - it can be a "common denominator."


                Good luck, and glad that SG was able to quickly point you in the right direction to get you back editing.