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    How do I....  - Loading swfs for music festival - some repeat, some don't

      I apologize for the lack of actionscripting knowledge, but I'm in a rush to complete something that is beyond my skill and hope that you Flash gurus out there can help me.

      Here's the idea...

      I'm creating a sort of movie slideshow to play at a music festival which will include several swfs of varying lengths of edited video clips embedded into Flash with text animation added ---> these I want to load into a main swf with scrolling text along the bottom (which I've already created). They can play sequentially if necessary and must repeat. In addition to this, there will be trivia question swfs that need to also load into this movie throughout the festival but they cannot repeat and it would be nice if they could be randomly placed amongst the video swfs. How do I make this happen and make sure that after each swf has ended the next one loads?

      Thanks for any help - I'm on a tight deadline!!