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    Command Line  Extension Builder 2.1 gives a blank white panel


      I'm building my extension with a build script using the Flex 4.5.0 sdk that came with EB2.1. The extension compiled and worked fine with the previous sdk. I'm packaging with the ucf.jar. My libraries are included here:

      <arg value="-external-library-path+=${flex.dir}\cslibs\apedelta.swc"/>

      <arg value="-external-library-path+=${flex.dir}\csarlibs\CSXSLibrary-3.0-sdk-4.5-public.swc"/>

      <arg value="-external-library-path+=${flex.dir}\cslibs\csaw_premiere.swc"/>

      <arg value="-external-library-path+=${sdk.dir}\Flex-Sdk-4.5.0\frameworks\libs\air\airglobal.sw c"/>  

      <arg value="-external-library-path+=${flex.dir}\as3corelib\as3corelib.swc"/>

      am  I missing something? Thanks