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    Best performance setting for iMac




      I have just got a new iMac AND just starting to learn After Effects. I am not the best when it comes to the techincal bit (trying to learn but it all blurs together for me). What I can say about my computer is that it is an iMac here is some info:

        Model Name:          iMac

        Model Identifier:          iMac13,2

        Processor Name:          Intel Core i7

        Processor Speed:          3.4 GHz

        Number of Processors:          1

        Total Number of Cores:          4

        L2 Cache (per Core):          256 KB

        L3 Cache:          8 MB

        Memory:          16 GB



      Now I have noticed, when learning After Effects from an online tutorial that my rendering is completley painfully slow! What can I do to make it better? I've reserved 5 GB of RAM for other applications, left 11 for After Effects, 6 out of 2 CPUs are for After Effects and RAM allocation per background CPU is 2, actual CPUs that will be used is then 4. I have played around with the numbers but nothing seems to help. I thought I got a really good computer but now I feel like maybe I didn't!