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    Contribute 3 Connection Failure - what's wrong


      I would really appreciate any suggestions as to what might be wrong on the below. One of my customers is using Contribute 3 and can't connect, they say they might have made some changes on their Microsoft ISA server.

      Can you tell me what type of changes they might have made to create the below error, what tools are available to diagnose the problem, and what remedies are available.

      Any help at all very much appreciated.


      Date: 6/9/2006
      LocalTime: 14:21
      Host: www.mydomain.com
      LoginID: mylogin
      Path: /
      Passive Enabled: false
      ProxyHost: NoneContribute Alternate Rename: no
      Contribute Optimized: yes
      ======================== Test Results ==========================

      NOTE: "Serv-U FTP server" has been detected. For more information on FTP server compatibility issues, please see
      Login: SUCCESS!
      Changing Directory To: / SUCCESS!
      Directory Listing Test: SUCCESS!
      Make Directory Test: The server is unable to create a directory. Please verify that you have sufficient permissions to create a directory.
      ----------------------- FTP log from the last operation ----------------------
      > CWD /
      < 250 Directory changed to /
      > MKD mm_diagnose_cb8d9
      < 550 Access is denied.
      > CWD /mm_diagnose_cb8d9
      < 550 /mm_diagnose_cb8d9: No such file or directory.
      > CWD /
      < 250 Directory changed to /
      > RNFR mm_diagnose_cb8d9
      < 550 Access is denied.
      > MDTM mm_diagnose_cb8d9
      < 550 Access is denied.