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    Disabling Support File Copying

    Zakkana Level 1

      I am writing a WordPress theme from scratch based on Bootstrap 3. Whenever I open my style.css file, Dreamweaver opens up another window that says "Synchronizing the Site" which then shows some files being copied. I am then given a window that says "This page uses an object or behavior that requires supporting files. The following file have been copied to your local site. You must upload them to your server in order for the object or behavior to function correctly." My local site now has a "bootstrap" director containing an outdated version of Bootstrap (2.3.1 where as 2.3.2 was the latest) and a "ScriptLibrary" directory containing jQuery v1.10.1.


      I am calling the bootstrap stuff and jQuery via WordPress' wp_enqueue_script function (which is best practice as WP loads jQuery in no conflict mode) and I am putting the CSS files in via @import. So everything is linked up and working.


      But Dreamweaver apparently Dreamweaver thinks it knows better than me and that I really want to use Bootstrap 2.3.1 instead of v3.0-RC2.


      How do I stop this? It is making me seriously switch to another product.

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          Zakkana Level 1

          The problem is solved. I thought I had all plug-ins disabled but turns out I missed one. The guys from DMX Zone (the plug-in vendor) recognized what was happening and helped me fix it. It just looked like Dreamweaver was doing  it because it was like how it used to insert the SPRY stuff prior to DWCC.