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    Memory Leak in Adobe Premiere CC on Windows


      I installed Premiere CC on Windows 7 ( Intel Core i7-3770K CPU@3.5 GHz, 16GB RAM). Software has a serious memory leak. After less than hour working on a very simple project (no rendering, no effects) memory usage  reached 15 GB, at which point Premiere stopped responding. After closing and reopening software memory usage again started to increase. I was testing it by just scrubbing over timeline, no editing, memory usage still slowly crept-up. I called Adobe technical support, they tried to tell me, that this is normal. Right! It is normal to be forced to close and reopen application every hour? I do not think so. I have Premiere CC also installed on my MAC Book Pro, checked memory usage on much bigger project, it was steady, not creeping up, using beween 1 and 2 GB.  I checked forums for this problem, there are several posts, but have not found any response from Adobe regarding this.


      Tonight I continued working on same small project, within 2 hours I had to shut down Premiere 3 times. I also limited in setting memory Premier can use, that did not make any difference, usage by Premiere went to maximum - total 16 GB with about 2 GB taken by system and other stuff running. I am monitoring memory usage on resource monitor. Used Physical memory went 100 %, Commit Charge about 60%. This so far happened three times  in a row.

      Adobe, can you hear me?




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