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    RE: Camera Raw and Smart Objects

    animationlife Level 1

      Hello Everyone.

      I have a question please.


      Inside the Camera Raw 8.1, Inside the Workflow Options, I Checked the Box for Open In Photoshop as a Smart Objects.


      I noticed Inside the Camera Raw, Open Image box turn to, Open Object box.  I click on open, and It opened the Image as a Smart Objects Inside the Photoshop.


      If I make any changes to the Image, and If I Double Click on the Smart Object, It will Open In Camera Raw again which Is good.


      I also noticed If I do any changes to the Image Inside the Camera Raw to the Smart Object after clicking on Open Smart Objects I see the changes Inside the Photoshop also.


      But If I do any changes to the Image Inside the Photoshop,and later I Double Click on the Image the Image opens Inside the Camera Raw, without any changes.


      This Is my question: The Smart Object Image Is still a Raw Image ?


      This Is my next question:


      I know If I open a Raw Image Inside the Camera Raw, and If I click on Done, the image is still a Raw Image, which Is good, and If I click on Reset Bottom, It will reset It back. If I only change the White Balance  and Click on  Done and go back to the Camera Raw again, and I choose As Shot, the Image goes back the  Original Raw file.

      But If I do other changes such as the exposure, any color change, and click on done I can never go back to the original..


      In the past month I been working with the Lightroom, and I noticed if I open a Raw image Inside the Lightroom, and do any changes to that Image,,  any time I can click on the Reset and the Raw image goes back to its original.

      I don't think we can do this with Camera Raw can we ?