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    Local Axis for numeric camera moves

    GeoffVane Level 1

      Is there a way to have nummeric LOCAL AXIS control for the camera and objects? So by dragging the coordinate values and NOT by dragging inside a viewport. Don't say parenting: it creates a rig arm when you move off the null.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Nope.. The values in the timeline are world axis. Set the Comp viewer to local axis, rotate a 3D layer 40º on the y axis and then watch the values as you rotate the layer on the X axis in the comp view with the rotate (w) tool set to rotation. The only option I can think of would be to tie rotation to x y and z rotation expression controls with some very complex math.


          If I knew more about what you are trying to rig I might have some suggestions.

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            GeoffVane Level 1

            It's not about a specific rig. It's just that the ae cam is very amateurish compared to a 3D application camera.



            What I need is just a function where you get numeric local axis movement when you press a certain key. I don't like dragging in the viewport.



            The three functions Local, World and Viewport only work in the viewport when you grab the vectors.



            Any null option tested, will create an arm between the rotation option and the local axis trick.



            I found the camera tools from the menu are the best workaround: they are always local.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I typically use two nulls to animate a 2 node camera. One I name dolly, the other focus. The focus null is tied to the camera point of interest by an expression. The dolly is placed at the cameras position then parented to the camera. This eliminated any problems with gimbal lock and positioning associated. Sometimes I'll also add a third null named jib. The jib is the parent of the dolly. I offset this null like the hinge point of a jib arm is offset from the camera position.


              A single node camera is usually rigged with just the dolly and jib null because there's no point of interest. I find two node cameras much more difficult to work with. It's kind of like having to operate on a set without a camera assistant or like pushing a dolly around without a camera operator.


              Both of these rigs simulate the setup of a camera on a set and allow me move the camera exactly like I would move it on a set.


              I guess I'm not visualizing what you are trying to do exactly. While it is different I find animating a camera in AE actually easier in many ways than in C4D, Blender or 3DsMax, but maybe that's just me.

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                GeoffVane Level 1

                I certainly don't want a point of interest. That is the worst camera option ever put on the AE cam. So that is off by default.


                Well there is no project. I just want a camera that can slide along its own local axis, without going into the viewport. I am using the tools under the C key now, which always work local, but still in the viewport.


                You can parent the camera to a null. When the null is rotated, the camera keeps sliding along its local axis. However, the null can't be moved numerically along its local axis when rotated (same as an unparented camera can't) so you replicate the problem. Plus, moving the camera itself along its local axis, creates a distance i.e. arm to the null which disturbs easy rotating. And you need the null to rotate (so you get a local axis equipped camera) and the cam itself for the position.


                The offset you discribe is something I get while I don't want it.


                I can try if your setup has numeric local axis if you send it to me.

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                  SiliconPixel Level 1



                  When you're using the 2 node camera and rigging it - how do you control the POI?


                  What I'm looking for is a kind of rail that BOTH the camera and POI follows. To lock down the exact movement when a camera flies between objects, so that there's no 'swing' of the camera off the track.


                  I wonder if I can use an expression to set the POI x number of frames ahead of the camera position? Would that work?