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    Sending email with the MUS xtra

    Level 7
      I downloaded the smtp example and tried to run it. According to the
      response field in the example, every command was successfully sent with
      no errors returned. I tried to send a test email from one email account
      to another, but the mail gets returned to my sender email address. The
      returned email includes the following error information.

      Final-Recipient: rfc822; <myemailaddress@myISP.com>
      Action: failed
      Status: 5.1.0 MAIL FROM: <myemailaddress@myISP.com> 550 REPLY:
      Diagnostic-Code: smtp; Permanent Failure: Other address status

      I am able to manually send an email by telnet to my ISP's mail server
      and issuing the SMTP commands from a command line, so I know it is
      possible. But I can not tell where the director example is failing.

      Any help is appreciated.