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    Farcical interactions between reader & acrobat for wet signatures


      Apologies for the flamebait style subject, but im incredibly frustrated with adobe's products.


      I have a PDF which requires a signature, it is a secure PDF, but permissions allow for signatures (in this case opting for 'wet' from an image).


      If I open the PDF in reader, it will let me paste in the signatures and add the dates.  Looks good.  However the only way to 'save' is to use EchoSign.  Attempted to use that and it is horribly broken.  Maybe the PDF itself is incorrectly configured, but when using EchoSign, the signature is added to the very bottom of the document in none of the editable fields.


      The other option to save is to use Acrobat.


      I've downloaded the latest acrobat (11.0, Win7, x64 - trial) - open the PDF - and the sidebar for sign actions is greyed out.


      This is what's annoying - I open this file in Reader - that sidebar is active, allows me to paste in the signatures, but does not allow me to save.  To save it tells me to get Acrobat.


      I get Acrobat, and for the same file it does not allow me to enter the signatures.


      I appreciate there may be some issue in how the PDF fields were created, however what i've descibed above is a horrible user experience, and unfairly or not, reinforces my low opinion of adobe's PDF suite of products.  How you can have one tool disable a feature, point to another tool, and that other tool not offer the described functionality is infuriating.


      At this stage i'm unclear what the resolution is.  It most likely is to print & scan, something EchoSIgn should do and fails at in this case.  Going the PDF modification route has been a failure.  I have no control over the original PDF, so I cannot modify & regenerate that.


      If there are any resolution steps would be interested in exploring.  I could alternatively file a bug report.