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    page breaks and pdf downloads


      I inserted a number of page breaks into a document I am currently working on.  When I download the form as a pdf, the page breaks are not registering.  Is there something fancy I need to do to make the page breaks happen in my pdf forms?  If so, what do I have to do?



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          There are 2 views in the Design tab. In the bottom right corner there is a drop down that has "Page View" and "Web View" on it. Page view is for PDF forms; Web view is for Web/HTML forms. The page breaks on each view are independent of each other.


          If you change the view to Page View you will see where the "implicit" page breaks are (where the page breaks will naturally fall) and you can add Page Breaks that would be explicit (user defined).  You may find you want to adjust the form elements positioning placing some fields next to others etc to get the PDF to look how you want, those types of changes would be seen in both the web and PDF form.




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