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    Showing video window in the same scene

    FabM Level 1
      Hi there

      I´m doing a project for university and i have a section just for videoclips.

      I want to have a menu list on the left of the screen that when the user presses each element in the list a video will show up in the middle of the screen.

      I was thinking in linking the video to another scene like i was doing already but perhaps instead of giving the user another level to go i just show the video in the same scene.

      How do i do that?

      Also, is it possible to have control buttons like stop and play that stay static in the scene and work in each of the videos that open in that screen?
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Yes, you can do that. Just set one sprite channel to hold the digital video. Then use your menu to select the video. Set the member of the digital video sprite to that member.

          The play and stop controls can work the same way. They will play that sprite, regardless of the member that's currently occupying the sprite.