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    Tagged content present inside an artifact

    a C student Level 3

      I notice that Access for All just released PAC2, the first tool to test the conformance of PDFs with Adobe-supported PDF/UA (ISO 14289), in accordance with the Matterhorn Protocol. This is exciting news for PDF accessibility. However, trying out the new tool – many of my previously accessibility-repaired PDFs, which pass all the Acrobat checker and the previous version of PAC, fail PAC2 miserably. One especially common error is “Tagged content present inside an Artifact”. This error is present by the hundreds in some of my files. Anyone know what causes this error and how to fix it? I hate to think of the many weeks it would take if I have to retag all my previously-thought-to-be-fully-accessible files.


      a 'C' student

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          a C student Level 3

          Still experimenting… I find I can fix the problem using the Content pane by manually dragging each content container out of the parent Artifact container. It is a pain but much less so that retagging the entire document. The cause is apparently my habit of selecting all the content on a page and setting it to background as a first step, then tagging content elements one by one. Some of the time Acrobat inexplicably puts the content containers inside the Artifact container.