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    Unable to change keyboard shortcuts

    Gargoyle Software, LLC Level 1

      It drives me insane that Adobe doesn't use the standard Mac keyboard shortcuts in their applications for Mac.  I finally got annoyed enough that I went to fix them in Dreamweaver.  I found the place to set shortcuts, but when I try to replace the End key (for end of line) with Cmd+Right nothing happens.  If I hit a letter, for example, that key appears, but it doesn't seem to recognize Cmd+Right arrow as a valid sequence.  Before trying to add that I removed the shortcut for Cmd+Right that was associated with 'Word Right'.

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          I'm having the same problem. I just want to be able to select word left using Cmd+Shift+Left, but Dreamweaver CC keyboard shortcuts do not allow you to set shortcuts unless they include a letter. There are quite a few bugs like this that I don't know how they justified releasing the new CC version. Why couldn't they at least keep the Dreamweaver Standard keyboard shortcut profile unchanged??


          Does anyone know how to set a shortcut for Select Word Left/Select Word Right using Cmd+Shift+Left/Cmd+Shift+Right?

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            Gargoyle Software, LLC Level 1

            I've come to the conclusion that Dreamweaver is a piece of junk.  There are so many bugs it's just ridiculous.  I did a full site push to my client last night and Dreamweaver just decided not to update one of the files.  No warnings or errors whatsoever.  Took me an hour to find the thing that was broken when the client started complaining.

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              J-Barrow Level 1

              I'm not going to use Dreamweaver CC any longer. Besides the shortcuts being messed up, it also has a bug causing it to "Include related files" every time I push to the server even when I've uncecked the box repeatedly.


              Illustrator CC is riddled with keyboard shortcut bugs too—ridiculous things like not being able to delete, undo, or change to the direct selection tool on the first 3-5 key presses. Sometimes it gets stuck in a state where no layer is selected and you are unable to scroll the screen at all. It has some nice features, but CC is still the worst release I've seen for not being production ready.

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                vharis Level 4

                Hi Guys,



                We are aware of this issue and are fixing this issue for the next update where the keyboard shortcuts would be as


                Move word left - CTRL+LEFT

                Move word right - CTRL+RIGHT

                Move to start of current line - ALT+LEFT

                Move to end of current line - ALT+RIGHT


                I would appereciate it if Please log an enhancement request at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform for not being able to set keyboard shortcuts unless it includes a alpahbetical character

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                  Gargoyle Software, LLC Level 1

                  How about you use ACTUAL mac keyboard shortcuts instead of making up your own yet again? 


                  Word movement is done with the alt key, so ALT+LEFT should go one word to the left.

                  Line movement is done with the command key, so COMMAND+LEFT should go to the start of the line.