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    Camera Raw 7.4 is not saving changes in xmp files


      I do bulk work in Camera Raw to make changes on large groups of images (100-200 at a time.) After loading RAW files (NEF and CR2 - seperate batches) into Camera Raw 7.4 I make adjustments, save jpegs, then hit "Done." Camera Raw sucessfully created the desired jpegs and creates xmp files for each RAW image.


      I just noticed today that after updating to 7.4 it seems Camera Raw stopped recording my adjustments in the xmp files. I don't have to go back to the RAW files often, so I didn't catch it until today. But when I need to go back to the RAW file I need the xmp information to be there! My xmp files went from 13kb and up each to under 1kb after updating.


      What in the world is going on here? My workflow hasn't changed, but Camera Raw has stopped recording my adjustment like it should. Help!!!


      iMac, Intel Core i7, OSX 10.7.5, Photoshop CS6, Camera Raw 7.4, Nikon D600, Nikon D700, Canon 5D Mark III