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      I am interested in using InDesign to create an APP.  This APP will have content that I need read to the audience.  I plan on having a sound file that has the speech of the content being read, and one with backgound music.  While I realize that a speech and music file are created outside of InDesign, my question is if I can:


      A) Place these files into an InDesign document and have this document configured to read the content that needs to be read when the content is displayed (IDEALLY with a pause and play button, or a "touch to stop voice and/or sound" effect).


      B) The content being read is highlighted as it is being read.


      This is SUPER important to my ends.  I realize the APP options can do everything else that I need, but if I can get this done, then it would likely prevent me from having to hire somebody to do this technical effect for me.


      I saw a video by Terry White where he used Photoshop to create a "Before and After" studio picture transition.  Would this effect I am looking for need to be done similarly in Photoshop (except the "scanner/"highlighting word bar" is moving along a sound track being played?  Would I need to do this using a different program than photoshop?  This is a HUGE reason why I would get into CC, so if you could provide some feedback and adviced, I would be grateful for the help.  I thank you in advanced.