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    ePub feature request: image size relative to margins

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      In the epub export dialog, we're given the option of exporting images

      "relative to page". Meaning (as far as I can tell) that if, in the

      layout, the image is 20% away from the left edge and 20% away from the

      right edge of the page, then in the ePub it will also be 20% away from

      the left edge of the viewing area, and 20% from the right edge.


      I think it's important to have an additional option: "relative to margin".


      The fact is that in book design, margins play a much more important role

      than in ePubs, where viewing area is at a premium. In much good book

      design you will find that an image extends only to the margins of the

      text area and not beyond (unless of course it's a full-bleed image,

      etc.) In ePubs, though, the effective text area is normally the edge of

      the device screen (minus a few pixels, perhaps). Thus the edge of the

      ePub viewing area is essentially analogous to the text-area margins of

      the printed page -- much more so than to the edge of the printed page.


      So I, as a book designer, would want an option that says that whenever

      an image extends all the way to the text-area margins, it should fill

      the ePub screen.


      I'm now working on a converting a printed layout to ePub. The images

      extend in most cases only to the text-area margins, and the margins

      themselves are fairly generous in the printed edition, and this means

      that when the images are exported to ePub, they are taking up far too

      little screen area, since the only option is to calculate their size as

      a percentage of the entire page area ("relative to page").


      The workaround is to go through the book enlarging the images so that

      they extend to the page edges rather than to the text area margins and

      then exporting. But this book has many images.


      This superfluous extra effort could be avoided if the ePub export dialog

      simply gave the option to export images "relative to margins."


      Hope that makes sense!


      Thanks for reading,