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    Video showing as black in CS6 on iMac CS6

    Mark Morreau Level 2

      I've just finished working on a summer playscheme project, and have handed the footage over to one of the participants to edit.

      It was shot in HDV on a Sony Z1, and I captured it from tape to my PC as MPEG using Premiere. So this is 1440 x 1080 interlaced footage with a PAR of 1.333


      The young lad has an iMac with Premiere CS6.04 on it. He rang me to say that the video was just black and couldn't be seen in Premiere. He'd imported the folder with the footage in, and Premiere incorrectly saw it as Progressive and as 1444 x 1080 with square pixels. Even after I talked him through the process of reinterpreting the footage it still wouldn't show up as anything but black in the bin, source, or project. MPE is software only.


      I suggested to him that we start again from scratch. He made a new project. He used the Media Browser to navigate to the assets folder, and this time he could see the .mpeg clips as video. He imported one as a test. We checked that Premiere had recognised the PAR and field order correctly, which it had. We were able to make a sequence from this clip, and play it back in the timeline. All great, I thought, and left him to import the rest of the assets.


      Hour later he calls me back to say that everything had reverted to black again. So we started from scratch again, and lo and behold, this time Premiere's media browser only saw the clips as black.... and when we imported one into the project, the properties were again misinterpreted, just as at the beginning.


      SO we're stuck. The clips open and play back fine in Quicktime player but inside Premiere they only show as black.


      Does anyone have any experience of this problem, and what we might do to troubleshoot it? Or even better, to solve it?