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    to import a part of a file


      sorry, my English leaves much to be desired...


      I'd like to know the reason why Adobe Premiere pro has not the possibility of importing into a project only a part of a file already on a hard disc.

      Very frequently we need to import into our project only few seconds or at most few minutes of a file already on a hard disc, and it is absurd to import the whole file and to take up a lot of GB.

      Moreover, in my opinion a very good import function would have to offer the possibility of import the chosen part of the physical file direcly into the same library of our project...

      What do you think about?

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Prulde has this feature. Not Premiere.


          See here:






          Peter Garaway


          Premiere Pro

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            shooternz Level 6

            When you "import" a file into Premiere it does not actually bring the  file  "in" physically.


            It is an instance of the same source  file and Premiere only "points to its original location so it can be used in the edit process..


            I am just saying...it does not add any data size .


            it is absurd to import the whole file and to take up a lot of GB.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              Also, in order to ingest only part of a long clip, Prelude must transcode it to a Digital Intermediate. And that DOES create a new file that takes up hard drive space. That is fine with me except for the "transcode" part.


              I have asked for this capability without transcoding and was pleased to get a response from an Adobe engineer asking me how I thought it should work.


              I explained that it should be possible to slice up a file without changing the codec or causing a generational loss. That only applies to all I-Frame footage, of course.


              With a long GOP even if the user said to cut at 1;31;04, unless the long GOP started with that frame (a one in 29.97 chance perhaps) the cuts should begin at the beginning of the GOP. And end at the end of a long GOP.


              In fact, I said I was not opposed to a full second or so of handles before and after the cuts. It might be a hassle for some of us, but it would save problems for lots of people.


              Let's face it, sometimes we don't need the entire 30 minute clip. But it isn't tape so we can't just capture the parts we want. So we get stuck with huge files. I would like to see a bunch of shorter, usable files on my hard drive instead of one long one. Besides, you could make notes in the Metadata and do a better job of organizing if you had smaller files - if you are the type to use clips from various shoots in various projects.