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    Photoshop.com membership account


      So I recently recieved Adobe Photoshop Elements7 from a friend, unused, because she didnt use it. I downloaded it to my computer and started having problems right off the bat. It wanted me to install IB and wouldnt allow me to. I googled and unistalled the IB and Air. Afterwards I tried to create an account again and it failed. So I went to the Adobe website and set up my Adobe ID. It now allows me to log in if i click organize and go to log in. Immediatly after I complete the login it tries to have me create an Photoshop.com membership. I try to create it but it tells me an error has occurred and my changes werent saved. I googled my problem again it I learned the photoshop.com has transfered to Revel. My question is how can I get past this?

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          If you are simply trying to use the Elements Organizer or Editor, none of what you are trying to do is required.


          The Inspiration Browser was simply a program that granted special users access to how to videos. Those videos are not available for free to everybody on Adobe TV (tv.adobe.com). Since then, the IB has been discontinued and is no longer available for download and install.


          Second, the part of Photoshop.com that connected to Photoshop Elements has also been discontinued. You can no longer create that type of account and the features that connected to that site will no longer operate (file syncing).


          There should be nothing to get past. If you are asked to log into Photoshop.com, cancel it and ignore it. The program doesn't need the account to perform most functions.