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    Keyboard Navigation - Arrows Key Presses & Enter Key - Help Please :-)


      I have read serveral posts on this subject.  I am just learning Edge Animate so bear with me.


      My file requires it navigate via keyboard presses - Up/Down menus and Left/Right menus.  Upon reaching a desired menu item, pressing the Enter key navigates to another page.

      I know there is code that navigates to the Next Label... like:


      if (e.which == 39)





      And for the left button, do something like:


      if (e.which == 37)






      But because my timeline is not always linear, I would like to hard code the navigation like this:


      if (e.which == 39) {




      I put the above code in the Actions of Stage {} and use the Keydown event and it works beautifully!


      However, how can I change the actions once it is at the new location, at frame "label" ?  I cannot seem to create a Keyframe in the Stage Layer, and then enter changes to the Actions code. 

      Or is there a way to enter this code into a button (off-stage so it is not visible) and then just create keyframes of the button with the relative navigation code ? 

      Am I being a neophyte and missing something obvious?


      I am hoping there's a way without creating a lot of "get Variables" which cause my eyes to go "deer-in-the-headlights".  :-)