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    Flash Pro / FlashBuilder project - Compiler errors not being reported in Flashbuilder


      I have a Flash Professional project (Flash Pro CC) and I am using FlashBuilder 4.7 as my editor. The project was setup by creating the .fla in Flash Pro, then creating a new Flash Professional project in FlashBuilder. Everything seemed to be working fine for a while, errors were being reported correctly, then error reporting in FlashBuilder just stopped working. I would try to run the file from FlashBuilder and the swf file being displayed was blank (just a blank white file). If I then went and tried to publish the file from Flash Pro I would see that there were some compiler errors which were not being reported in FlashBuilder that were causing the "blank" file output.


      I was able to succesfully resolve this issue once by removing the project from my project explorer (right-click, then delete) and re-importing it; however, this doesn't seem to be a lasting solution and doesn't always solve the issue. I am running Mac OSX 10.7.5


      Can anyone provide any information as to why my error reporting in FlashBuilder just stops working for Flash Pro projects?