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    How to retain an object (lader) painted blue in a Green screen set....

    Yiannis72 Level 1

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      Hello there!


           I would appreciate a piece of advise about a matter I am working on.

      I have attached two photos  and I will explain what I want to do.

      I would like to key out the green backdrop in order to keep just the actors but I also want to replace the blue lader (the blue color) with a fractal noise patern so it looks like it is a burning lader.

      OK I can make the fractal noise patern and give it the appropriate randomness. I have also find a way to replace the lader with the fractal noise solid (using alpha matts) but I don't think I am getting a very good result.

      Could you suggest a way of keeping only the blue color instead of keying it out?


      Thank you!