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    email link-to send-help


      how do I get my email form to send the email.  It keeps telling me email default server is not set.  How do I set that?? or is there somthing else I'm missing?  or any easier way to get my webpage visitors to send me a message??? Please help.

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          insh16 Level 1

          sorry, it says mail server client is not set up properly.  How/where do i set that up?

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            Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you have a form set with a mailto: link, it is 100% dependant on the computer's email client (Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc). If one is not installed on the computer, no form info will be sent. It's one of the main reasons people use scripts like Formmail from http://www.tectite.com.


            A form-to-mail script runs on your server, so your viewers don't need to have an email client installed and even the folks who use a public computer, like an internet cafe, library, college, etc, will be able to fill out your form and send you their info.


            You do need to verify what server technology you have available (PHP, ColdFusion, etc) to know which form script to get. You can ask your hosting company, they will likely have at least a basic script fo you to use.


            If you are using something other than a mailto link right now, we would have to see the code in action to help determine what the problem might be. Could you post a link?

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