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    File Exports Empty IDML Then Crashes. Help!


      Hi there,

      I've inherited a single-page file that is giving me a couple of major headaches. I don't know if they're related, but I thought that this place would be the best place to ask. The file was created in InDesign 6, but since all I have is 5 I asked for an IDML. The IDML failed to open, so I downloaded the CC trial to open the original file.


      First issue:

      Whenever I try to export or save to an IDML it produces an empty file (124 bytes) and then crashes. Constantly.


      Second issue:

      In an attempt to identify any issues that may be causing the crash I noticed that there is a missing font (Minion Pro Book Italic) that is hanging out somewhere in the file. However, when I try to find or change the font in InDesign can't find any instances and tells me "The selected font is applied to hidden conditional text, or applied to text in a locked story, or is part of a composite font. Some instances of the font may not be found, or may not be changed."


      What is going on and how do I tame this file so that I can export the IDML? I can supply the file is necessary.


      Thank you in advance!