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    CF Builder 2 won't play with Firefox


      I have been running CF Builder 2 on Mac OS 10.8.4 as a standalone. I can preview templates in Safari and Chrome but not in Firefox (v23). If I set Firefox as default browser in CFB2 prefs and preview a template, FF starts up and displays correctly once but any subsequent requests give me the alert "Close Firefox. A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time." 


      I have Googled this and tried deleting lock files and profiles etc. But I doubted this was the problem any way since Dreamweaver, Aptana Studio and Eclipse with CFEclipse plug-in all launch templates in FF successfully.


      So I tried uninstalling all CFB2 and all of Eclipse 4.2 and installed Eclipse 3.7.2 and CFB2 plug-in... same problem, CF Builder won't play with Firefox.


      Any answers?


      Many thanks.

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          Sutton Yamanashi

          I'm having a similar problem with ColdFusion Builder 2 (with hot fix) on Mac OS 10.8.4.  However, I can only preview templates in Safari.  When I try to add Google Chrome in Preferences > General > Web Browser, I get a message that says 'The location value is not a valid path name.'.  Firefox shows up in the list of browsers, but I can't add it to the Preview tab.


          I don't have this problem on my PC.


          Any help would be much appreciated.  Cheers.

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            Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

            Hello Sutton Yamanashi,


            Please create a New ColdFusion Project and then uncheck "Use Default Location" and then browse to cf_root\projectname. Select localhost under the servers tab and then hit finish. After creating a New ColdFusion page, please preview the page in CFB2 window and external browsers.



            Anit Kumar