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    Installing Adobe Drive 5 for CS5.5 possible?




      I've been recommended to install Adobe Drive 5 to resolve a cross-platform issue that my clients have been experiencing when using Adobe Drive 3 (where the links don't update in InDesign CS5.5).


      This was tested on a computer that had both InDesign 5.5 and 6.0 loaded on it, and there wasn't a performance issue.


      However, it has not been possible to install Adobe Drive 5 onto a machine that only has InDesign 5.5 on it, as it gives an error message saying that it cannot locate CS6.


      Is there any way to bypass this gatekeeper so I can install?


      Has anyone experienced issues using Adobe Drive 5 with CS5.5?





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          Laurel Zimmer Adobe Employee

          Adobe Drive CC (v5) only supports CS6 and CC desktop applications; there isn't a way to bypass this.


          With regard to the original problem; when opening a managed InDesign file cross-platform, the links to the assets (on DAM) then break? or?


          Also worth mentioning...the latest version of Adobe Drive 3 that was released for CS5 and CS5.5 products is v3.2; so would be good to validate regardless, if that version is being used.

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            Lisa_Donohoe Level 1

            Thanks, Laurel.


            We are connecting using CMIS.


            The problem is that InDesign is reading the path as an absolute path, so differently depending on the platform (Z: on PC and Volume/ on Mac).


            We were hoping that we could use the option of naming the drive as a way around this so it would be common on both systems.


            We are using CtrlPrint/CtrlDL to access the InDesign files, so the InDesign file is not able to live in the same folder as the linked file.


            Another questions: if you have both CS5.5 and CS6 installed on your machine, do you have to use two versions of Adobe Drive, or can the most recent Adobe Drive support both?