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    After Effects CC, CoreAudio and QT32 Server crashes

    Nic-Coe Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have been experiencing similar issues to other AE users regarding the Adobe QT32 Server crash problem and have been trying the various solutions posted here on this forum.


      I am running a MacPro 5,1 10.7.5 with an AJA LHi card using the recommended System Default Input/Output setting for Audio


      The Adobe QT32 Server would drop out as soon as AE had finished launching.


      So far I have:-


      removed DVCPROHDVideoutput.component from Library/Quicktime

      reinstalled the ProApp Codecs

      uninstalled (didn't help) and reinstalled (didn't change anything) the AJA Adobe plugins


      This left me with After Effects CC running fine as long as I stayed in AE. If I switched the desktop or Safari or any other CC app, then the Adobe QT32 Server would drop out citing CoreAudio as the problem in console.


      I have now selected Built In Line Output as my Audio hardware and connected that to my speakers. Since then I have been using AE quite happily for two hours without a problem and I can use other apps without crashing the QT32 Server.


      Hopefully this workaround may help others while the main problems are solved.