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    Premiere export - low quality after upgrade

    SubMark Level 1

      The only thing that I remember changing was that I updated Premiere and a few other Adobe programs from Creative Cloud. The next day I tried exporting the same video with the same export template, and the quality went from perfect to terrible. The video looks incredibly compressed and low res even though I export it to 1080p, 2-pass 50mbit h.264 variable bit rate.


      The ONLY thing that has changed is that I updated the program. After FX and a couple others as well. But every single video I try exporting looks terrible with h.264. I got it to look decent when exporting to some Quicktime format, but I need the standard h.264 compression.


      Did my codecs gets corrupted or something during the update? I actually installed Premiere CC just now and uninstalled Premiere CS6 to see if that would help but it's giving me the same issue.